Charles’ Green Garden Party suggests shorter showers
















 Prince Charles is using his new green campaign to urge everyone to take shorter showers.


Start, an initiative from the Prince’s Charities Foundation, has published 20 easy ways to go green as part of his 12-day festival of imaginative ways to promote a sustainable future.

The list of instructions includes: “Start having shorter showers.”



Grey water is water that has already been used in the home for washing or bathing.

It can be re-used in the garden provided the following rules are followed:

*Never re-use water that has strong detergents, chemicals or cleaning agents in it
*Water from dishwashers is usually too contaminated and will harm your plants
*Water from baths or showers with little soap is fine
*Always let grey water cool before you use it on the garden and do not use on edible crops orleaves
*You can buy diverters to direct bath or shower water from a down pipe to a water butt. It is advisable not to mix collected grey water with rain water, so consider having a separate water butt for each.
*Do not store grey water for too long as it can become rancid.
*Never fill up a pond with grey water.

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