Growing pains – pandemic & climate crisis have place in British Gardens

Fri, May 15, 2020

Climate Change

Growing a garden in the current pandemic has become the new norm.

All over the country individuals are waking up with excitement to get out into their personal space to connect with their plants.

These gardens connect us to our own little piece of nature and can reveal much about how climate change is affecting the plants we grow and the wildlife that co-exist with them.

For many Brits, gardening is much more than a pastime in these troubled times. Gardens can ease the soul and help us to look at the bigger picture of what is happening to our planet and why preserving our soil is vital to our survival in a post pandemic world.

I believe that gardening has an important role to play in the emerging new normal and will be sharing stories and insights about this theme over the summer as lock down eases. Gardens  help us identify and develop important sustainability issues needed for a low carbon future.

More news on this and a link to a new Youtube channel coming soon.

For now, here are is an interesting article that reveals the power of gardens to link us to the climate crisis – written pre pandemic but more poignant that ever in a post pandemic society.

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I am not an experienced gardener - more of an enthusiastic amateur who learns by trial and error and is keen to "manage" the effects of the weather on my garden. Writing this blog is my passion and I hope that it will continue to grow, allowing global gardeners to communicate about the effects of climate change on our plants and the future of our gardens.

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