How are UK gardeners coping with climate change?

Gardens Illustrated recently asked Head Gardeners at National Trust properties up and down the UK how they were having to adapt to climate change while still preserving the history and heritage of their garden for visitors in the process.

Gardening in a changing climate brings new opportunities and encourages innovative ways to manage and plant our gardens. UK gardeners have always been obsessed with weather as, being an island on the edge of the Atlantic, the country is subject to rapid weather changes all year.

Climate change is not just about a warmer climate but is already delivering more extreme wet and windy weather plus unpredictable seasons to the UK.This is threatening the traditional English garden and challenging even the most experienced gardeners.

Hotter drier summers with wetter, windier winters are becoming the norm and seriously affect the plants that both survive, and thrive, in UK gardens.

The RHS has an information page identifying key areas to consider as the climate shifts. These include plants for Dry Soils and Wet Soils, coping with Flooding as well as making a Rain Garden and a Roof Garden on a shed.


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