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Extreme weather now normal

19. September 2012

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climate change and weather extremes are not about a distant future. Formerly one-off extreme weather episodes seem to be becoming the new normal. Weather extremes are not that extreme any more. Heatwaves, floods, droughts and wildfires are the new reality of an ever warming world.

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Planet under Pressure

15. March 2012

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Our Planet is Under Pressure and a major international conference in London from 26-29 March will use this name to focus on solutions to the global sustainability challenge. The Met Office will be attending along with many other impressive international  organisations and speakers. The aim is to explore how to work together to manage climate-related […]

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Weather, Climate control and Water companies

1. February 2012

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Just read some alternative definitions of these words that resonated and amused. Thought I would share them with you: Weather Forecasting  The science of telling, with 70% accuracy, what the weather has just been Climate Control   An essential decrease in consumerism to avoid climatic catastrophe Water Companies A business that sells back the rain that […]

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What is green investment?

9. September 2011

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  More money is said to be flowing in to green technology than ever before: a new global record of $243 billion was reported for 2010.  To go about making sense of these figures, the term “green investment” has to first be defined: Is it capital invested in protecting and restoring the environment at large, […]

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How will your garden grow in 2050?

4. September 2011

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How will your garden grow in 2050?

One of the most confusing things for gardeners about climate change is the uncertainty of what is actually going to happen with the weather. The biggest challenge likely to face gardeners everywhere is water management as rainfall is likely to fall by around one fifth by the middle of the century, leading to an increased […]

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Sir David Attenborough reflects on climate change

30. August 2011

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Sir David Attenborough has used his skill as a broadcaster to clearly show some key facts about climate change in this short video. It may not contain all the evidence of his usual hour long documentaies but the fact that such a great man has put his name to this piece of film on You Tube suggests to me that he wants to make sure we […]

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Global Pick Your Own

29. July 2011

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If you just don’t have the time or inclination to grow your own fruit and veg, do visit this amazing site which lists hundreds of Pick your Own sites in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. This is a great way to know where your food is coming from with out […]

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Toronto food production and allotments

22. July 2011

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Toronto food production and allotments

The city of Toronto has looked at the carbon and environmental impact of food and food systems and finds that 30-40% of its carbon footprint comes in one way or another from food related activities: transportation, energy growing, retailing. Growing 10% of the vegetables in the city would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 37.9 kilotonnes […]

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The Weather Makers

18. July 2011

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The Weather Makers

UK is certainly getting its share of weird weather this summer after the amazing spring heatwave. Unpredictable weather patterns bringing drought, floods and storms to countries across the world are predicted to become the norm as the planet warms. I have always found the confusing facts and evidence hard to work through but would recommend […]

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Top ten climate change apps

20. January 2011

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Ten ways to keep in touch with the changing climate on your mobile

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