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RHS Planet Friendly Gardening

1. May 2023


  Let’s get planet-friendly gardening | Royal Horticultural Society – YouTube When it comes down to what people choose to plant, buy, and consume, it’s about small actions leading to big results. RHS scientific research shows that if every one of the UK’s 30 million gardeners planted a medium sized tree and nurtured it to maturity, […]

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UK Weather confuses gardeners

5. October 2013

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Gardening and weather are rather like a sandwich. The ingredients can often compliment each other but increasingly the weather is proving to leave a slightly bad taste for some gardeners. Following one of the coldest winters in 2012/13 when spring did not really arrive until at least end May, the UK has basked in a […]

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Work your Water Butt this winter

10. March 2013

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                                         How well do you work your butt? Your water butt that is… A survey 3 years ago by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust  found that nearly two thirds of gardeners said they had a water […]

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Hike in water bills = get a water metre

13. February 2013

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Its not just Londoners who face rising water bills as the UKs water supply is likely to worsen with a growing population and changes to the UK’s rainfall as a result of climate change. Switching to a water meter saves the average family about £50 a year – and double that most for single people. […]

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Waterlogged and flooded gardens

12. February 2013

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Rain and wet weather have always been part of the UKs weather patterns but in recent years, changes in our seasons and an unpredictable climate mean that torrential downpours and weeks of rain have become more frequent. Last year was the second wettest recorded in the past hundred years. This winter, as in spring and […]

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Why save water?

12. January 2013

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Why save water?

Here are some key facts about the value of water for the UK : * London is drier than Istanbul and SE England has less water available per person than Sudan or Syria. * The UK has less available water per person than most other European countries * Each person in the UK uses 150 […]

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Is our weather getting worse?

5. January 2013

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  2012 was the second wettest year on record in the UK and the wettest ever in England according to the Met Office. The downpours that caused more than 8,000 UK homes and businesses to suffer flooding led to a total of 1,330.7mm of rain for the year, just 6.6mm short of the wettest UK year recorded in 2000 (1337.3mm). […]

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2012 wettest year on record?

28. December 2012

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A storm brewing in the Atlantic could bring up to two inches (50mm) of rain and 80mph winds in some areas of the UK this weekend. Provisional figures show that 1.8in (46mm) of rain is needed between 27 and 31 December for 2012 to be the wettest year on record for the UK. A new […]

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UK drought-flooding 2012 unprecedented

19. October 2012

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The dramatic switch from drought and hosepipe bans in England this spring to the wettest April to June ever and widespread flooding was of a magnitude never seen before. What does this mean for gardeners? New challenges ahead most certainly and the need to be ever more adaptable and forward thinking to prepare our gardens for such […]

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Rain and more rain

25. September 2012

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Torrential rain and  high winds continue to hit the UK . My garden is full of broken branches and soggy ground – amazing how quickly it has passed from late summer glory to total devastation.How is your garden looking this morning? Definitely time to fit a water butt .Check out these websites for advice […]

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