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Hottest July day ever in UK

1. July 2015

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The UK has experienced its hottest July day since records began  after a temperature of 36.7c was recorded at Heathrow today. London was even hotter than Athens, Miami and Rio. The intense heatwave could be a taste of things to come as climate change increases and extreme weather takes hold. Check out how the UK […]

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Three weeks rain in one hour

28. July 2014

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After the heatwave came huge thunderstorms delivering record breaking rainfall over Southern England today. Around three weeks of rain arrived in one hour in parts of East Sussex bringing chaos and flash flooding that affected the morning rush hour. Here is my East Sussex garden at 9.30am today. A very different scene to the […]

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Extreme UK weather greets 2014

5. January 2014

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Only 5 days into 2014 and the weather again delivers some extreme events. No matter how much we think that we can control our environment it is and always will be at the mercy of Mother Nature.Increasingly so as climate change makes periods of  extreme and weird weather occur more frequently. The Met Office reports […]

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Worst weather since 1987 storm

26. October 2013

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  Weather forecasters are warning of stormy conditions in England and Wales on Sunday night and Monday even though today has been an amazing warm and sunny day here on the south coast. Many flowers are having a late flowering including these roses which seem to think it is mid summer still with their full […]

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British Monsoon season

13. June 2013

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After just a week of dry and sunny weather, the UK has slipped into another cycle of windy, wet and unpredictable weather for the summer. With Mid Summers Day just a few days away gardeners are becoming increasingly concerned that  long balmy days of sunshine and light are just not going to happen in 2013 […]

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Bluebells bloom later in 2013

26. May 2013

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Bluebells in Sussex appear to be flowering up to 4 weeks later this year as opposed to 4 weeks early as in 2012. Fred Rumsey, a botanist from the Natural History Museum, London, UK explains: “Our initial impression is that flowering is between four and five weeks behind what it was last year.” He told […]

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Climate Change transforming British wine

8. May 2013

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The average temperature in Sussex is a degree warmer than it was for most of the 20th century, with practical implications for the region’s vineyards. However, anyone who thinks that climate change will provide a simple good news story for English wine-lovers may be deluding themselves. In England, depending on what happens to the gulf […]

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Why was March 2013 so cold?

18. April 2013

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It is really wonderful to feel  the warmth of the sun again even if it is now very windy. Magnolias, daffodils, tulips and other beautiful spring delights are sprouting all over the country bringing some much needed colour into our gardens after months of cold and grey days. UK gardeners are used to every type […]

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Chelsea Flower Show hit by cold snap

8. April 2013

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Next month’s Chelsea Flower Show, which marks its 100th anniversary and as usual sold out months ago, is only  six weeks away. Hard to imagine that May is also just 22 days away when you look out the window and see the state of most gardens and the temperatures on the weather forecast every night. […]

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Coldest Easter but spring arrives next Sunday

1. April 2013

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The UK just experienced the coldest Easter Sunday for more than 50 years, with overnight temperatures dipping to below -12C in Scotland. The Met Office confirmed it had registered a temperature of -12.5 in Braemar, Aberdeenshire, in the Scottish Highlands. With modern records dating back to 1960, Sunday’s freezing weather beat the previous record of -9.8, set in 1986. […]

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