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Why are gardens important for climate change?

20. May 2023

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Here are just a few reasons why gardens are important to help you reflect on the wonder of your green space. Our gardens have the potential to: Remove carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere Maintain biodiversity and create the potential conditions for at risk native plants to thrive Provide wildlife habitats in cities under threat […]

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Biochar soil enhancer for carbon storage

23. March 2016

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Would you be interested in using a soil enhancer that produces bigger and better plants whilst also helping to reduce your carbon foot-print? Enriched Biochar can deliver both these results. What is Biochar? Biochar is a carbon rich form of charcoal, specifically designed as an application to soil offering long-term benefits, whilst improving plant health. […]

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What is sustainable gardening?

20. June 2015

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Gardeners are the custodians of the UK’s 27 million parks and gardens and have a responsibility to make sure that we look after them in a responsible and environmental way – hence the phrase sustainable gardening. Sustainable gardening is the concept of using garden practices to maintain a garden so that natural resources (such as […]

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Homemade pesticides

25. September 2011

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Homemade pesticides

Keep your garden looking this good with some easy to make homemade and green pesticides.

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I don’t dig peat

27. August 2011

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The Ecologist Magazine has launched a website at to encourage gardeners to take action now and make the ‘Peat-Free Promise’. They are using the site to educate people on how to garden successfully without peat, and visitors can access a whole host of information about peat-free alternatives, such as leaf mould and composted bark, and simple peat-free compost […]

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Big Biochar experiment

15. August 2011

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Would you like to receive a sample of  the soil enhancer Biochar and take part in a ground breaking experiment? Oxford Biochar is pioneering the first large-scale experiment on the use of biochar on British allotments and gardens. It aims to gather quantitative data on above- and below-ground productivity, and qualitative data on plant and soil health […]

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Compost matters

25. March 2011

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Compost matters

BLOG NUMBER FOUR FOR CLIMATE WEEK Why is Composting Important? One of the simplest and most important things anyone can do is build their own compost to recycle bio-waste. Every time you peel vegetables, or scrape away certain leftovers, you are limiting organic matter from impacting on climate change. By compacting waste, and then reusing […]

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Is newspaper toxic for my organic garden?

4. March 2011

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Peter Kearney who founded City Food Growers near Brisbane, Australia has written this interesting blog about whether you should use newspaper in organic gardens.

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Wet May Bank Holiday

1. May 2010

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What a difference a week makes for our UK weather. Last Saturday we had the hottest weekend this year at 22c and now we are down to 12c with  rain and cloud predicted In fact the soil could do with a real soaking as it is very dry after the third sunniest April in […]

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Climate Change impacts soil conditions

24. November 2009


Climate Change impacts soil conditions

Monsoon style rain here again in SE Englandwhich means the ground is absolutely sodden.Digging in the garden rather unpleasant as I have leaking wellies. Wet feet sent me back into the warm to blog about gardening in an attempt to keep my itchy green fingers busy. Soil that is too wet or even too dry […]

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