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What is sustainable gardening?

20. June 2015

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Gardeners are the custodians of the UK’s 27 million parks and gardens and have a responsibility to make sure that we look after them in a responsible and environmental way – hence the phrase sustainable gardening. Sustainable gardening is the concept of using garden practices to maintain a garden so that natural resources (such as […]

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IKEA sells solar panels

30. September 2013

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The world’s leading furniture retailer Ikea said today it had started selling solar panels in its British stores. “It’s a logical extension. You can buy everything that consumes energy (at Ikea) so why not buy something that generates energy,” said the company’s chief sustainability officer, Steve Howard.

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Summer solar power

5. August 2013

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  This wonderfully warm UK summer is not just a  great boost for our gardens but  the solar power market is really heating up. Long sunny spells and a surge in people installing PV panels has resulted in record level of solar power generation. The Met Office said it was too early to say whether […]

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Blackfriars Solar Bridge

20. July 2012

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The sun has at last arrived in the UK this summer  – just in time for the worlds largest solar bridge to shine into action on Blackfriars Bridge.  4,400 solar photovoltaic panelssolar panels will generate an estimated 900,000kWh of electricity every year, providing 50% of the station’s energy and reducing CO2 emissions by an estimated […]

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