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How to garden in a changing climate

23. May 2023


How to garden in a changing climate

Gardeners must adapt their gardens and green spaces as the weather continues to change as predicted by the Met Office. . Here are some simple tips you can follow to help your garden thrive in a changing climate: Choose wind and drought tolerant plants such as geranium, lavender, thymes, sages, sedums, budlia, cystus, rosemary,agapanthas, grasses. […]

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Climate change affecting seasons

18. October 2019

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A report published by the University of Southampton confirms that on average the end of Autumn is taking place later and Spring is starting earlier in the northern hemisphere. This has huge implications for UK , European and USA gardeners. The project was led by University of Southampton Professor of Geography Peter Atkinson, who worked […]

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Trees tackle climate change

5. June 2014

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Trees tackle climate change

The UK needs to plant 20 million trees a year for the next half century to tackle climate change, protect wildlife and provide benefits for people, according to the Woodland Trust. The charity’s president, TV personality Clive Anderson, wants to see the UK’s tree cover double – bringing the amount of woodlands up to the […]

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Climate change seeds saved for future crops

23. July 2013

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An international operation has been launched to save seeds from wild plants which scientists believe will be crucial in protecting crops from the potentially devastating impact of climate change. How best to feed a growing population in a changing climate is fiercely debated with many new and emerging research fields hoping to provide a […]

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Heatwave and drought challenge flora & wildlife

20. July 2013

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While many of us are enjoying the heatwave, naturalists have urged the British public to help wildlife struggling to survive as water and food supplies have dwindled in the heat. After six consecutive days of 30C-plus temperatures and with rainfall at only around 15% of average monthly totals so far, wardens at The Lodge in Sandy, an RSPB nature […]

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Driest July since records began

19. July 2013

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Britain is sizzling! Everywhere is feeling the heat and the country is officially having a heatwave as it has experienced a full week of temperatures over 30c. The World Meteorological Organization’s definition of a heatwave is when temperatures are over 5C (9F) above average for five days in a row After a washout summer in […]

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Heatwave gardening

18. July 2013

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With the UK currently experiencing its hottest July for many many years there is increased pressure on our gardens to suvive the extreme temperatures that have reached up to 33c in some areas of UK. Lawns are really struggling in the exceptionally dry weather but it is important to remember that they will survive and […]

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Obama tackles climate change

26. June 2013

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President Obama has raised dealing with the effects of climate change to the top of the USA political agenda. Although he is expected to face severe opposition from the Republican Party, the President has clearly stated that he believes America has a moral obligation to tackle carbon pollution for the sake of our children’s future. […]

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Bees at crisis point

19. April 2013

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  Bee populations in Britain are at ‘crisis point’ as numbers are hit by the freezing and wet weather. Beekeepers across the country have reported a drop in colonies as a wet summer last year gave way to an extended winter. Flowers are not yet blooming and hives which survived the winter are weeks behind […]

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Cold weather v climate change

28. March 2013

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Cold weather v climate change

Many people are suggesting that the current long spell of very cold weather in the UK  means  that global warming has ended. This ill-informed  thinking highlights how much confusion there is about: : The difference between weather and climate. Weather is caused by disturbances within the atmosphere, but climate is controlled by external influences, such […]

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