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What is sustainable gardening?

20. June 2015

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Gardeners are the custodians of the UK’s 27 million parks and gardens and have a responsibility to make sure that we look after them in a responsible and environmental way – hence the phrase sustainable gardening. Sustainable gardening is the concept of using garden practices to maintain a garden so that natural resources (such as […]

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Greening Grey Britain – new RHS gardening campaign

31. May 2015

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The RHS is the UK’s leading gardening charity and it was established to share the best in gardening. The RHS is driven by a simple love of plants and the belief that gardeners make the world a better place. The RHS latest campaign launched at Easter 2015 with a three-year target to transform 6,000 unloved […]

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How climate change might affect our bees

1. May 2015

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Climate change has serious implications for bees.An article by Mark Patterson, Forage Officer at the London Beekeepers Association explains how extreme weather can affect their survival. What is climate change and what are the issues around it? To understand how climate change will potentially affect our pollinators we first must ask ‘what is climate change?’  Simply put […]

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EU to restrict neonicotinoid pesticides

29. April 2013

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A vote in the EU has paved the way for the European Commission to restrict the use of pesticides linked to bee deaths in scientific studies.There is great concern across Europe about the collapse of bee populations. Neonicotinoid chemicals in pesticides are believed to harm bees and the European Commission says they should be restricted […]

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Blooming strange

29. April 2013

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The long winter and a very late start to spring has thrown many flowering timelines way off course. George Anderson from Gardening Scotland says ” Plants that depend on soil warmth are now appearing at the same time as those that flower according to day length. The result is producing some of the strangest flowering […]

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Bees at crisis point

19. April 2013

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  Bee populations in Britain are at ‘crisis point’ as numbers are hit by the freezing and wet weather. Beekeepers across the country have reported a drop in colonies as a wet summer last year gave way to an extended winter. Flowers are not yet blooming and hives which survived the winter are weeks behind […]

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Bees,butterflies and blooms

8. February 2012

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Great new series starts tonight on BBC2 with writer, broadcaster and gardener Sarah Raven on a mission to halt the rapid decline in Britain’s essential bees, butterflies and pollinating insects by bringing flower power to towns, cities and the countryside. Good that Sarah is highlighting that the world’s bees and other pollinating insects are in […]

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Xmas buzz for your garden

24. November 2011

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Looking for the perfect green Xmas present?   The Bumblebee Lodge is great for pollination in your garden . The ultimate wildlife feature, providing a fascinating permanent place of residence for your very own Bumblebee colony every summer. If you need  reminding of the beauty of pollination watch this divine video:

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Global urban bee-keeping

8. August 2011

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Cities such as Melbourne, New York, Berlin and London are reporting a huge increase in the number of bee hives.  All over our cities, on office rooftops, in parks and allotments, and in school grounds and urban backyards, bees are buzzing. In just three years, membership of the British Beekeeping Association has doubled to 20,000, as […]

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Bees are buzzzzzing

9. April 2011

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Bees are buzzzzzing

This wonderful warm weather is great for bees – up early this morning buzzing around in my garden. The life of a bumble bee is quite appealing  – diving into beautful scents, being dazzled by beautful flowers and rolling around in pollen – must put that on the after life list! Bees, butterflies and biodiversity […]

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