Extreme UK weather greets 2014

Only 5 days into 2014 and the weather again delivers some extreme events.

No matter how much we think that we can control our environment it is and always will be at the mercy of Mother Nature.Increasingly so as climate change makes periods of  extreme and weird weather occur more frequently.

The Met Office reports that December 2013 has been the stormiest December in records dating back to 1969 and is one of the windiest calendar months for the UK since January 1993.

December was also a very wet month across the UK, particularly in Scotland where it was the wettest December and wettest month overall in the records dating back to 1910.

But why has this been the case .Read what the Met Office has to say about the effects of the jet Stream on weird weather.

YOu may notice the will not speak out about whether this is the result of climate change but a leading


You will notice that they do not explain if this is the result of climate change. However, a leading weather man Michael Fish speaks out on Channel 4 news and connects the increasingly weird weather that is happening to the effects of climate change.


What do you think? is climate change linked to increasingly stormy weather or is it just a natural cycle of nature?

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