Winter ends in a month – hurray!

Anyone feel like the dark days and miserable weather is going on forever in the UK?

What we need now is a burst of bright sun instead of rain and cloud to inspire creativity and action in the garden.

Officially, there is still another month to go before winter ends:

“Astronomically, the winter solstice, being the day of the year which has fewest hours of daylight, ought to be the middle of the season, but seasonal lag means that the coldest period normally follows the solstice by a few weeks. In the USA (and sometimes in Britain) the season is regarded as beginning at the solstice and ending on the following equinox[2][3] — in the Northern Hemisphere, depending on the year, this corresponds to the period between 21 or 22 December and 20 or 21 March. In the UK, meteorologists consider winter to be the three coldest months of December, January and February“.

I get my daily fix of sunlight  and  warmer weather  from my favourite blogger -Will Giles of The Exotic Garden,Norwich.

Will’s spectacular photography and wonderful words transport  you  to a tropical paradise and a reminder that it the summer will return :

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