Will 2011 be hot enough for growing melons?

Mon, Apr 25, 2011

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The recent hot weather has inspired me to invest in a melon plant from my local nursery . With no greenhouse but a very sunny south facing wall and a very thick glass cloche I am being perhaps a touch optmisitic but felt like a challenge.

Anyone had success with growing melons over the past few years ?I hear that as well as intense heat they really need loads of water which might not be ideal if a drought sets in this year.

Found this useful article from Telegraph which suggests I may have not chosen an easy variety to cultivate . Let’s just pray that this glorious sunshine and warmth will stay with us all summer long.


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  1. Angus McDonald Says:

    I reckon it’s touch and go whether it will be a hot summer. El Niño is strengthening, which points to hot summers and droughts. Remember them a few years ago. Of course the Joker in the pack is the jet stream. If it is as far south as it was last year, then it’s going to be another miserable summer.

    However, anything is better than last summer, even the one before – and that was pretty damp.

    Watch out for mildew and white fly. They love melons.