Rainwater is gold for gardeners

The rain has arrvied in buckets loads today with most parts of the UK receiving heavy downpours consistent with the humid sunny weather of the past few days.

Summer gardening in the UK is increasingly becoming a battleground.Long periods of drought makes the ground very hard which means that when the rain does finally arrive, this precious “gold” liquid often runs off the very dry soil into our drains – what a waste!

Rainwater harvesting is a simple and very effective way to capture this valuable resource to use on the garden when the dry weather returns.Collecting raiwater is not c0mplicated, it just takes a bit of planning and is in fact an ancient method invented by the Romans.

There is a definite need to educate people about how useful it is and how vital it could become for the future as water becomes even more precious than gold.If you are not sure what rainwater harvesting involves then read this useful Q&A page:


water on leave

There are many different systems that offer a range of features to help you harvest and store collected rainwater efficiently PLUS save you money.


Connect with rainwater experts who can offer advice on everything from choosing the right system, installing it in your home to making sure you use it efficiently.








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  1. Sue (Catmint) Says:

    You’re right of course, but I’m doing this mad experiment to see what i can grow without harvesting rainwater and just using what comes from the sky. Of course it won’t be most veg.

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