Varigated Spanich Dagger

Thu, Apr 10, 2008


Varigated Spanich Dagger - Yucca recurvifolia marginata
Latin name:
Yucca recurvifolia marginata Y

Description: These highly architectural plants hail from the dry arid areas of North America and are grown in gardens for their bold form. They are evergreen, often tree-like shrubs with stout, normally un-branched stem with stiff sawed-like bluish-green leaves up to 60cm long. In autumn, spectacular pendent bell-shaped white flowers are borne on large upright panicles. ‘Variegata’ is a suburb form with pronounced yellow edges, while a fairly new form (pictured) has bright green leaves with vertical yellow striations.

Hardiness: Hardy to -15C

Height: 1-2.4m

Position: Full sun in as position that gets baked during the summer months

Soil: Poor to slightly fertile well drained soil

Water: Very drought tolerant

Usage: Fabulously architectural plants that look stunning in winter as well as summer especially when planted with other arid planting

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