UK Weather confuses gardeners

Gardening and weather are rather like a sandwich. The ingredients can often compliment each other but increasingly the weather is proving to leave a slightly bad taste for some gardeners.

Following one of the coldest winters in 2012/13 when spring did not really arrive until at least end May, the UK has basked in a glorious summer with  a spectacular ongoing display of horticultural delights flowers continuing into Autumn.

What next for the weather? Currently much speculation about this subject on the gardening social networking scene.

Will the UK enjoy another balmy Autumn mixed with more heavy downpours?  Garden soils are lapping up the recent monsoon showers like a sponge after such a dry summer.

Or will the UK be blasted by freezing temperatures that challenge even the best of gardeners ?

Suggestions  from The Weather Outlook are that January 2014 could see another very cold spell for the UK and parts of Europe.

To understand the importance of the weather in our gardens, I suggest watching  this delightful video made by a  gardening buddy of mine. Rosie cleverly reveals  how nature will always have the last word for the wonderful variety of plants and wildlife that can be found in her small surbaban West London garden.

Perhaps a changing climate will make weather watching even more important in the future?

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