Ten years of bad summers

Britain has a higher chance of wet summers for the next ten years, the Met Office has predicted.


Predictions are that more rain and wind over the next few “summer” months suggests that the 2013 British summer will be another wash out  for UK gardeners and gardens.

Six of the last seven summers have been wetter and/or cooler than average – last year’s (remember the Diamond Jubilee Pageant?) spectacularly so. The UK has had a run of really cold winters, too. The flaming heat and winter droughts of the Nineties and early Noughties have given way to grey skies and cool sogginess, leading to more and more people fleeing abroad.

Gardeners are being constantly challenged by unpredictable weather patterns, lack of sunlight, strong winds and a general uncertainty about what  the future of gardening might look like. Suggestions are that UK weather makes us the great nation we are today – ready for anything and able to deal with whatever is thrown at us. Others believe that the weather is something we can change – this interesting article explores if there is another viable option.


Maybe a sunny disposition is all we need to cope with the next ten years of rain?

Love to know your views on the Met Office prediction of ten more bad summers.

What are your garden plans?

Are you heading somewhere sunnier or going to stay put and adapt your plants/ designs to cope with all weathers?

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Janet Biscoe Says:

    In a strange way, I am delighted to hear that the Met Office predicts the chance of wet summers in the UK for the next ten years. As the accuracy of their predictions for even the next ten days are so often wildly inaccurate, the likelihood is we will be basking in hot sunshine!

  2. Melany Vorass Says:

    Here in Seattle we are told the same thing re summers. I plan to watch which edible garden weeds begin to thrive, then let them do so. They provide far more nutrition than any of our hybridized vegetables do, so time I let them show the way.