Stand pipes in 2013?

The UK, one of the most advanced western nations, is considering plans to introduce stand pipes for certain areas in 2013 if the country experiences another dry winter.

The water industry in England and Wales currently  loses 3.36 billion litres of water a day in leaks. They are  investing some of their huge profits in improvements to their network and they claim that leaks are now 35% lower than in the mid-1990s.

However,  if all the pipes could be fixed it would save enough water to supply 22.4 million people every day.

Surely this figure is enough incentive for the  government to introduce legislation to make our privatised water companies use a much higher percentage of their profits  to stop all of the leaks ?

The UK  is already struggling with abnormal rainfall patterns which are likely to become even more unpredictable in the future as climate change progresses further.

Why should private water companies make huge profits from our most precious natural resource whilst businesses and households in the UK are faced with an uncertain future of stand pipes, hose-pipe bans and ever rising water charges.

Water is the new gold and we need to find a way to stop the water companies exploiting our dependence on it in the future.

What do you think is the best way to tackle our water supply in the UK?

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  1. Pip Howard Says:

    As always in the UK – and as a result of grants for large infrastructure rather than looking at traditional and small solutions, large and very costly schemes to alleviate the water issues are suggested. This plays into the hands of the water companies.

    Desalination is not an answer!! and the resulting salt waste, (as in the Mediterranean sea) is a horrific new complication for marine ecosystems!

    The UK drought is very much a matter of cross industry and public engagement. The landscaping and horticultural industry should be at the forefront of this – but are sidelined due to a lack of a heavy voice, waiting instead for a celebrity TV gardening star to speak on their behalf no longer cuts the grade.

  2. Debbie Says:

    Thanks Pip for your understanding of the situation.
    I agreee that traditional and small solutions are part of the way forward which is why I promote rainwater harvesting.This is something we must all do now and in the future – all new houses should have large underground water tanks to collect rain?
    Desalination is not something I know anything about and it sounds like it would have huge wildlife implications which is not good.
    I still believe that the water companies have to use more of their huge profits to support whatever the government decide to do about this water madness.