Silver Spear

Thu, Apr 10, 2008


Silver Spear - Astelia chathamica

Latin name: Astelia chathamica

Description: Often mistaken for a Phormium, this silver speared beauty is a must for its architectural shape and form. It is an evergreen (ever-silver) clump-forming perennial with graceful, arching, deeply furrowed leaves with a striking silver sheen. ‘Silver Spear’ is even more silvery. The flowers are insignificant, but the foliage really does make up for this.

Hardiness: -5C and lower for short periods

Height: up to 1.5m

Position: Dappled shade

Soil: preferring moist humus rich soils

Water: Although preferring moisture, it will take drought fairly well once established

Usage: Excellent for brightening up dull corners or as an accent plant. I t also works well in containers

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