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Richard Bisgrove is Senior Lecturer in Landscape Management at the University of Reading . He has written an excellent article about climate change gardening which offers an overview of the science behind climate change in relation to gardening.

Here he summarises the long term effects of a rising temperature for the UK and its gardens: “In simplistic terms, a 1°C temperature rise is equivalent to moving 100 miles further south.Assuming a 3°Ctemperature rise in the UK by the end of the 21st century (which already seems a significant underestimate), Britain will‘ move south’ – actually, the climate will move north – by the equivalent of 300 miles. Effectively, this is 3 miles per year or 12 metres a day.To visualise what seem like small rises in temperature in terms of a threatening cloud (or warming rays,for the optimists) spreading across the land at this speed helps put the phenomenon into perspective.”

Many gardeners are noticing that climate change is affecting the weather that they deal with in their gardens on a daily basis. The RHS offers some advice to help gardeners adapt to an uncertain future and understand the effects of changing seasons  on our plants.The UK’s horticultural heritage is facing new challenges. Changing how we garden and what we grow has to be part of the solution. Read the RHS practical tips for gardening in a changing climate 


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