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Sun, Mar 15, 2009

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Thought I would continue with the issue of water conservation as I feel passionately about this subject.

The Government has introduced more incentives for businesses to install Rainwater Harvesting systems . The message seems to be working as there are an increasing number of new buildings and rennovations using Rainwater Harvesting as an effective and cost-efficient method of providing water.

An excellent example of this is the Kings Cross International Terminal which has its own system located underneath the station. This was installed by Rainharvesting  Systems based in Gloucestershire http://www.rainharvesting.co.uk/

The return on these systems is excellent which could mean that more companies will consider Rainwater Harvesting as an option for cutting costs in the uncertain economic climate. Articles like this from http://www.businessgreen.com/ help to create a different mind-set in the business world.

Government urges businesses to collect rainwater

Rainwater harvesting systems estimated to deliver payback within three years, with rebates available on initial investments


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  1. rainwater harvesting Says:

    With BREEAM assessments, its important to note that many of the rainwater harvesting systems in supplied in to the UK might not actually qualify. This is mainly because of the way the size of the tank and filter efficiencies are calculated.

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