Plant trees to tackle climate change


Trees are vital to the future of our planet as they soak up carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Wherever you live in the world please think about where you can plant more trees – they are beautiful and easy to look after as long as you choose the right tree for the right soil and position.Use these sites to find out more about why trees are so important and to make your selections:

The UK needs to plant 20 million trees a year for the next half century to tackle climate change, protect wildlife and provide benefits for people, according to the Woodland Trust.

The charity’s president, TV personality Clive Anderson, wants to see the UK’s tree cover double – bringing the amount of woodlands up to the European average.This will involve planting 20 million trees annually for the next 50 years:

These beautiful trees in Russell Square in London look stunning in the evening light. They bring a sense of well-being to the many visitors who are enjoy this very special place in Bloomsbury.





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  1. Michael Scott Says:

    Absolutely right Debbie! There is nothing better any of us can do for the future of this planet and to halt climate change than to plant trees. UK needs 20m new trees a year as you say – can I offer this small tip for urban tree planting? Many, many trees die of drought in the first summer after they are planted – why? because their roots have usually been restricted in pots before they are planted, so they havent got the root area from which to pull water. Even one week without rain in summer can kill a newly planted tree – even in rainy old UK! So, water, water water your new trees for two years at all times when lots of rain isnt falling. Also, all expensive areas to live in are full of trees – so if you want to increase the value of your home and area – plant more trees!

  2. Mackenzie Says:

    Yes Debbie, you are absolutely right: trees are desperately needed.
    Michael – I think you got it all backwards with trees and the property prices. It’s not the trees that drove up the prices of those homes. Rather, it’s rich people living in those homes who are responsible for the ‘forestation’ of their neighbourhoods 🙂

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