Pincushion Flower, Tree Echium

Thu, Apr 10, 2008


Pincushion Flower, Tree Echium - Echium pininanas

Latin name: Echium pininana

Description: Giant, imposing plants hailing from La Palma laurel forests in the Canary Islands. These triffids of the garden world are biennial or short lived perennials. They are stunning plants for a sheltered border providing a tropical touch to summer. In its first year Echium pininana forms a low rosette of silvery-green, hairy, spear-like leaves. The following year it suddenly spurts into growth and produces a single 4m towering woody stems. In summer tall spires of funnel-shaped blue flowers appear and are much loved by bees.

Hardiness: Hardy to about -3C on dry conditions and lower for short periods only

Height: 4m

Position: Full sun in a sheltered position

Soil: well drained fertile soil

Water: fairly drought tolerant once established

Usage: For dramatic impact at the back of the border or in groups

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