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Sat, May 1, 2010

Lawn Calendar

This is the Global Gardening Lawn Calendar.

Every month, I will post a short blog about how to manage your lawn at that time of year.

The idea is to help you think about how much time and money your lawn takes to look after.

36% of gardeners report that their lawns grow all year and 44% say they mow their lawns a month earlier in spring.Is it time to evaluate the role of the lawn in the traditional english garden?


Here are two ideas to think about in MAY:


By now you wil probably be mowing the lawn once a week as it starts to grow very quickly as the days get longer and warmer.Remember to leave a height of at least  one inch or more and vary the direction of the cut to help the lawn grow evenly.


Your lawn should not need watering at this time of year as the ground should be relatively damp underneath. Remember that over watering can be more harmful than drought – try to only use rain-water from your water butt to be more environmentally friendly.

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I am not an experienced gardener - more of an enthusiastic amateur who learns by trial and error and is keen to "manage" the effects of the weather on my garden. Writing this blog is my passion and I hope that it will continue to grow, allowing global gardeners to communicate about the effects of climate change on our plants and the future of our gardens.

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