Japanese Root Hardy Banana, Japanese Fibre Banana

Thu, Apr 10, 2008


Japanese Root Hardy Banana, Japanese Fibre Banana - Musa basjoo
Latin name:
Musa basjoo

Description: Probably the hardiest of all the bananas and the most easily grown. This highly architectural banana has a pseudostem (trunk) that can reach up to 2.5m tall and from the top issue arching mid-green leaves up to 2m long and 50cm wide. With age this banana becomes multi-stemmed forming a small banana grove. This is a truly staggering plant and absolutely essential for a truly sub-tropical feel, giving strong architectural value to the garden.

Hardiness: Once established will easily take lows of -3C if protected from desicating winds. If you live in a cold area, wire mesh can be placed around the trunk and filled with straw to give extra insulation. Will Giles has been growing this superb banana outside for over 20 years without a single loss, in his Norfolk garden.

Height: 5m plus

Position: Full sun to dappled shade, protected from prevailing winds by other trees, shrubs or a building

Soil: Any well-drained garden soil with added organic and a yearly mulch of manure or compost

Water: Water well to establish and mulch thickly to keep moisture in, especially in hot weather

Usage: Very architectural plant that can be in a bed of its own so you can walk underneath it, or alternately at the back of a border

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