Spring is sprung!

Sun, Mar 20, 2011

Climate Change, Grow your own, Seeds

Its gardening time again!

Thousands of gardeners are stirring and millions of seeds are being planted.

Here are some specialist seed companies for inspiration:

Would love to know any YOU have discovered?

Buy seeds

Lettuce, aubergine and other Italian delights http://www.seedsofitaly.com/catalogue/4

Heirloom Tomatoeshttp://www.localharvest.org/store/heirloom-tomato-seeds.jsp USA

Carrots http://www.simplyseed.co.uk/carrot-seeds/carrot-seeds-chatenay-red-core.html

Beans and brasicas http://www.realseeds.co.uk/beans.html

Unusual ideas http://www.suffolkherbs.com/kolist/1/SPROUTING+SEEDS

Organic seeds




http://www.organicseed.com/ USA

What to plant and when


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