Italian Cypress, Funeral Cypress

Thu, Apr 10, 2008


Italian Cypress, Funeral Cypress - Cupressus cempervirens

Latin name: Cupressus sempervirens

Description: Exceedingly architectural conifer and a far cry from the dreaded Leylandii. This statuesque conifer is a tall, narrow columnar evergreen, cultivated since ancient times in the Mediterranean region. The dark green ‘exclamation mark’ shape of these trees is a highly characteristic signature of Mediterranean towns and villages, thus giving a very exotic look to a cooler British garden.

Hardiness: hardy to about -10C once established
Height: In the Mediterranean Cupressus sempervirens can attain heights of over 30m but in our gardens can be clipped to keep them to manageable proportions of 3-4m. The sides can also be clipped to keep slim proportions.

Position: Full sun

Soil: Any well drained garden soil

Water: Drought resistant once established

Usage: As a statement, in groups or in well-spaced lines down the side of a driveway or path.

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