How green are our garden centres?

Spring is when planting mania arrives in the UK. This year it has co-incided with some fabulous weather which means most nurseries and garden centres are busy with people searching for new plants and ideas for their gardens.

I am pleased to see more nurseries helping gardeners to adapt to climate change. The english garden is changing and I would urge anyone selling plants  to educate their customers about selecting plants that  adapt to an unpredictable climate .It is also good to encourage environmental gardening using organic methods rather than chemicals.

Most specialist nurseries are pretty good at this but,when it comes to the bigger garden centres, this is often not the case. Here is a scene from my local B&Q this morning . I dread to think how much water will be wasted on getting these tiny bedding plants to bring just a few months of colour over the summer.

Perhaps the delightful Alan Titchmarsh, being the new face of this nation-wide store, could have a word about how these plants waste so much water  – unless you re-cycle of course.

Garden centres of all places should surely be models of green gardening?

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