Heavenly Hibiscus

These showy, tropical plants always transport me to the Caribbean where they are a very common site. I normally keep them under glass but they have done well on my south facing terrace in a very sunny spot this year – be careful to bring them in at night or offer some protection if temperatures suddenly drop.

pink hibiscus

There are more than two hundred species of this evergreen and deciduous plant in the form of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals with extravagent flowers in a range of delicious colours. They need full sun and very rich humus soil which is kept moist in dry weather.They repeatedly produce these wonderful flowers which are delightful – next best thing to being in the West Indies.


Maybe you are reading this blog in a country where Hibiscus (Malvaceae) grow in their natural state? Would love to receive your personal experience of these spectacular plants. I remember the colours when I visited St Lucia were breath-taking – but that could have something to do with the number of rum punches I had drunk!

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  1. Kanak Says:

    What a gorgeous bloom! And in just the color to die for!!

  2. Titania Says:

    I grow a lot of Hibiscus in many different shapes and colours. If I let them they grow up to 3 m or higher and show off their spectacular flowers between other greenery. They are the easiest shrubs to grow. They flower from spring into winter and some tough babies flower even in winter. Cuttings can be made over summer and strike quickly. Some times I just pop them in were I want them to grow. A truly great plant. Your Hibiscus has a strong tropical colour and looks really healthy and beautiful.

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