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Growing your own fruit and veg is increasing in popularity . According to Christopher Woodward, curator of Lambeth’s Garden Museum “In the uncertainty of a recession we want soil, roots and a sense of belonging”. I feel this is perhaps a very romantic view of why so many people are starting to grow their own veg. For the large majority of people that I know, it is more a way of sourcing your own food combined with economic issues that drives individuals to look around for any spot of soil where they might grow a few veggies.

Would be interested to hear your motivation for growing produce if you are currently drooling over seed packets and dreaming of rows of straight carrot tops!

If you want top indulge your fantasies even further then do get hold of a great book called “Creating your Garden Farm – it is a re-issue of the 1945 Dig On for Victory

Another inspirational read is “The new Complete Book of Self Sufficiency” by John Seymour which gives tips on foraging for free in hedgerows as well as how to grow espalier pears and soya beans.

Now I am working in London, I am keen to find out more about how Londoners with just a balcony, rooftop or small front garden achive such wonderful results with growing their own produce.Eco architect Justin Bere has a wildflower meadow and beehive on his Islington roof

Deborah Nagan, a landscape designer, has turned her front garden on the Brixton Road over to beans, brocoli, artichokes and asparagus. This is much to the delights of passers by and recent suggestions that urban pollution has no effect on the delicious taste of home grown whatever – any views on this topic?

All of this is good new for climate change gardening .It demonstrates that individuals are thinking about how they manage their outdoor space and source their food as well as making conscious decisions about their lifestyles. If you are currently contemplating these issues, then explore the variety of global options below and dream of growing- your-own-anything in 2010:


Excellent growing tips on pak choi, lemon grass, mizuna and many more unusual crops?


Specialist seeds from Italy that deliver excellent results


Lingonberry from Sweden /honeyberry from Siberia sold as plants at?


If you live in Australia, New Zealand or America, take a look at this excellent website which provides home gardeners with easy access to localised knowledge on growing healthy food that tastes great, using organic and biodynamic methods.It contains a wealth of information about growing hundreds of different veg and herb crops

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