Good Morning Glory

Mon, Jul 26, 2010


portugal-029Every day this summer  I  am greeted by these beautiful Morning Glory flowers in my garden. They only last 24 hours but are worth every minute before more beautiful blooms follow the next day.

I planted the seeds back in March and the plants have done especially well this year because of the constant sunshine. Hope it continues so  I can enjoy my morning fix of these fabulous Ipomoea indica which originate from Central America.

Do buy some seeds and try growing them in your garden next year – they are an absolute delight.;term=morningglory+seeds&gclid=CNivgv7Qh6MCFRgulAodPDY5aQ


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  1. Choice Gardening Says:

    Hi Debbie, great pictures and there not called morning glory for nothing its such a shame they only last until the evening. Another great place for them is to run them up trellis and they produce a wonderful wall of flowers. – Mark

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