Ginger Lily

Thu, Apr 10, 2008


Ginger Lily - Hedychium coccineum Tara
Latin name:
Hedychium coccineum ‘Tara’

Description: Gingers are now become more popular as they are now being stocked at many of our local garden centres and rightly so as they are wonderful plants that really do add a touch of the tropics to the garden. Hedychium coccineum ‘Tara’ for instance is a beautiful and easy to grow ginger. Its erect stems bear glaucous-green leaves up to 50cm long. In late summer, vivid orange, scented flower spikes up to 30cm long are produced. When clumps are established their flowering season is an amazing sight to behold.

Hardiness: -10C with a thick mulch

Height: up to 2.5m

Position: Full sun to dappled shade

Soil: moist, humus rich soil

Water: Prefers soil that doesn’t dry out. If water is a problem they can be grown in containers, where they will grow to perfection

Usage: Gingers are wonderful plants for late summer and autumn colour and the foliage gives the garden a
very tropical feel

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