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I have just returned from an amazing horticultural experience in Singapore where I explored how this thriving city is greening its buildings and bringing the beauty and power of plants to Gardens by the Bay. Read what I said about volunteering at this futuristic garden and follow this blog for more updates on Singapore’s beautiful green spaces.

Volunteers play an integral and dynamic role in supporting Gardens by the Bay programmes.
Meet Deborah Scott Anderson who volunteered at the Gardens during her recent holiday to Singapore as she shares with us her experience.
Hello Deborah! Tell us more about yourself.

I am an environmental gardening blogger at www.myclimatechangegarden.comfrom the UK and I spend my days researching and writing about how extreme weather is affecting the design, management and future survival of gardens in the UK and overseas.
What are you doing in Singapore?

I am visiting Singapore for 3 weeks to explore the greening of this city. I am interested to understand how the city is combining the heritage of its green spaces and beautiful tree-lined streets with creating an award-winning, environmentally-friendly Gardens by the Bay which is a mixture of education centre and horticultural Disney world.
How was your volunteering experience?

The Gardens put together an excellent programme of activities for me! I participated in bird watching and insect surveys to track biodiversity at the Gardens. My favourite experience was at the Flower Dome where I learnt how the team manages the environment, soil and supply of water to help this diverse range of plants exist in harmony and produce a consistent display for visitors all year round. I also enjoyed greeting Friends of the Gardens at an open-air evening movie event that took place. I was heartened to see how many Singaporeans have decided to become Friends of this amazing garden!

Would you recommend anyone to volunteer at the Gardens?

Visiting any public garden is always a wonderful experience but for me the only way to really understand how a garden has been designed and how it survives is to get involved by volunteering. Gardens by the Bay offers a unique volunteering programme where you can learn so much about this very special place and experience the beating heart of the plants and the people who work there.

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