Climate change gardening

Sat, Aug 28, 2021

Climate Change Gardening


044 The original inspiration for my websites about climate change gardening came from an impressive document produced in 2002 by the Royal Horticultural Society,the National Trust, English Heritage, the UK Climate Impacts programme and other environmental /horticultural organisations.

Entitled ” Gardening in the Global Greenhouse, the impact of climate change on our gardens”, it clearly sets out that our gardens are in trouble and face an uncertain future.It is an impressive document, covering the key issues that will concern anyone who gardens and is well worth the time to read through its impressive and very detailed 17 pages.

The introduction is by one of the UK’s most passionate gardeners , HRH Prince Charles, who poignantly expresses his concerns about the threat of climate change. I remember reading his powerful words for the first time and feeling very moved . Here are just a few lines that I am sure will make you want to read more:

“Almost all scientists now agree that the British climate is likely to change significantly in years to come. The precise nature of these changes is still uncertain, but it is both an alarming and sobering thought that some of the nation’s best loved gardens might become unsustainable due to changing climatic conditions”.

Moving forward 15 years to April 2017 this report has been updated by the RHS. This new edition is looking to the future – click on image below to find out more.

Gardeners need to prepare for an uncertain future with rising UK temperatures which have lengthened the growing season by 29 days in just 10 years.

Climate change is seriously affecting traditional UK gardens and this excellent article provides  more insights into how to adapt and save your plants from extreme weather.

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