Drought continues in June

Sun, May 29, 2011

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The unpredictablity of our UK weather is nothing new but, after the coldest winter for 100 years and now the driest start to summer for 100 years, gardens everywhere are certainly being challenged .

Suggestions are that East Anglia and the South East will experience ongoing dry weather in June if Positive Weather Solutions get their forecast right again:http://www.positiveweathersolutions.co.uk/UK-Eire—Month-Ahead-Forecast.php

The Environment Agency reports that East Anglia only received 20% of its monthly rainfall  in May which I know is causing huge problems for Will Giles in his Exotic Garden which he opens for the first time on 12th June http://www.exoticgarden.com/public-opening-times.php

For the past three months my most popular blog has been “Buy Drought Tolerant Plants” which  hints at what many gardeners are thinking about at the moment.http://www.myclimatechangegarden.com/blog/buy-drought-tolerant-plants

I have also noticed how local garden centres and nurseries are doing their best to promote the idea of choosing plants for their water requirements  – clever marketing but it would be good if they sold less water loving bedding plants as well.

Even Amazon have jumped onto the drought train by e-mailing this  page of drought related products to me.


Love to know how you are dealing with the lack of rain and whether it has changed your planting – and washing habits?

I am busy working out if I can set up a system from the kitchen sink to my garden. I did away with my water guzzling dishwasher but feel guilty even letting the water run down the plug when I wash the dishes by hand – anyone else having similar thoughts and experiences?

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