Common Tree Fern, Soft Tree Fern, Woolly Tree Fern

Thu, Apr 10, 2008


Common Tree Fern, Soft Tree Fern, Woolly Tree Fern - Dicksonia antarctica

Latin name: Dicksonia antarctica

Description: The most famous tree fern in Northern Hemisphere cultivation and a truly majestic and architectural plant to boot! The dense, fibrous, dark brown trunk is covered in overlapping frond stalk bases, giving it a rough texture. From the top issue huge mid-green fronds from 1-3m long depending on location. In the spring juvenile fronds emerge unfurling like hairy croziers over several weeks.

Hardiness: Most are capable of taking lows down to about -10C with straw placed in the crown when frost is expected. For light frosts down to -4C no protection is necessary.

Height: 50cm to 5m

Position: Preferably in a shaded wind free location

Soil: Moisture retentive garden soil with added organic mater such as leaf mould

Water: For best growth the trunks of all tree ferns should be kept permanently damp. Also keep the ground around them well mulched as well, thus retaining as much moisture in as possible. Tree fern trunks are difficult to re-moisten once dry – be warned!

Usage: Dramatic pre-historic fern once eaten by dinosaurs. Best planted in groups in the shade of larger trees for best results and of course, drama!

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