Climate Change in US gardens

Sun, Apr 13, 2008

American Climate Change


One of my biggest inspirations for exotic plants is The Exotic Garden in Norwich. Created by its owner, Will Giles, this is a hidden oasis of tropical and exotic plants from all over the world located right in the centre of Norwich – in fact it is just down the road from Delia Smith’s beloved Norwich City football stadium.

Will is visiting the States over the next few weeks to promote his brilliant new book called The Encylopedia of Exotic Plants for Temperate Climates.Travelling from Seattle to San Fransico, he will be talking to gardeners about planting and maintaining exotic plants in various conditions. With such a range of temperatures in these states – Will tells me that it is currently 30c in SF but an english spring climate in Seattle – he plans to include info about gardening in a changing climate. The idea is to encourage US gardeners to share personal experiences of climate change in their gardens via this blog.

Will has promised to e-mail updates on his travels and experiences. Since he knows everything about exotic plants and is also a very creative writer, there should be some interesting stories to read – will post them here over the next few weeks.

Have a look at his wonderful garden at where you can also order a signed copy of his brilliant  book – The Encyclopedia of Exotic Plants for Temperate Climates.

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