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Chelsea Flower Show 2013 Preview

6. May 2013

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  The Chelsea Flower Show preparing for its 100th Press Day.       On Monday 20th May 2013, the most famous Horticultural Show in the world opens in London for its 100th year to deliver garden delights that inspire and delight, as well as create debate and discussion, The Chelsea Flower Show is  THE […]

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Weather to garden

5. May 2013

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May has arrived with some lovely high temperatures in the garden which is really helping many plants to catch up after the very cold start to spring. South East England is predicted to enjoy 21c on Bank Holiday Monday which is wonderful news but night frosts can still be a problem well into May  – […]

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Climate changes and chimera

3. May 2013

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Weird weather and fluctuating temperatures can have interesting affects on plants which is shown here by this stunning camellia currently flowering in a UK garden as the spring weather finally warms. This appears almost unreal but  is the  result of  a natural genetic mutation – known as a chimera – that can change the appearance […]

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May flowers follow chilly April

1. May 2013

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The UK is basking in some glorious sunshine at the moment – at last! Forecasters also suggest that the sun will stick around for a blazing Bank Holiday weekend.By Monday the mercury will hit a balmy and pleasant 19C. Good news for gardeners who are busy everywhere planting seeds like mad and getting plots ready […]

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EU to restrict neonicotinoid pesticides

29. April 2013

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A vote in the EU has paved the way for the European Commission to restrict the use of pesticides linked to bee deaths in scientific studies.There is great concern across Europe about the collapse of bee populations. Neonicotinoid chemicals in pesticides are believed to harm bees and the European Commission says they should be restricted […]

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Blooming strange

29. April 2013

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The long winter and a very late start to spring has thrown many flowering timelines way off course. George Anderson from Gardening Scotland says ” Plants that depend on soil warmth are now appearing at the same time as those that flower according to day length. The result is producing some of the strangest flowering […]

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Kew Gardens adapts to changing climate

28. April 2013

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Visited Kew Gardens today and everything  is starting to bloom and look spectacular even though many plants are flowering approximately 3 weeks late Seasons have a habit of catching-up, but  a normal year in our weather patterns is very unlikely now as they have  become so unpredictable. Kew Gardens is at the forefront of research […]

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Bees at crisis point

19. April 2013

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  Bee populations in Britain are at ‘crisis point’ as numbers are hit by the freezing and wet weather. Beekeepers across the country have reported a drop in colonies as a wet summer last year gave way to an extended winter. Flowers are not yet blooming and hives which survived the winter are weeks behind […]

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Why was March 2013 so cold?

18. April 2013

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It is really wonderful to feel  the warmth of the sun again even if it is now very windy. Magnolias, daffodils, tulips and other beautiful spring delights are sprouting all over the country bringing some much needed colour into our gardens after months of cold and grey days. UK gardeners are used to every type […]

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Gardening in a changing climate survey

15. April 2013

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                      It is now three weeks since the RHS and the University of Reading  launched an online survey about gardening and climate change. They  are asking members of the public to share their view on climate change and its impact on their choices and plans […]

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