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Guerilla Gardening

15. March 2013

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Guerilla Gardening is a radical way of planting up unused urban spaces for communities to enjoy. Watch this amazing video to appreciate how powerful this can be for inner cities.

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Gardening on the internet?

11. March 2013

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How do you use the internet for gardening advice/ information? Do you belong to gardening forums? If yes, which ones? Or maybe you just search for the information you need? Where do you learn about what grows well in your climate/ area and what does not? Looking to hear about how you garden on the net […]

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Climate Change Gardening in USA

18. February 2013

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“A Moment Too Soon: Gardeners and Climate Change   A Science Backgrounder   For a .pdf with full citations and links, . “Season Creep” and Its Impacts   As the planet warms, signs of spring are arriving sooner, while winters are becoming shorter and milder. This phenomenon is informally known as “season creep” in that the […]

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RHS updates hardiness rating system

10. February 2013

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The RHS is helping gardeners to adapt to our weird weather and the lower temperatures now experienced each winter. The Society has introduced a new, improved hardiness rating system to give gardeners a clearer idea of the temperatures specific plants can tolerate. The seven-rating system will replace the current four-step scale, which was developed in the 1960s, […]

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Snow in a warming world?

10. February 2013

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  As the UK and USA experience more winter snow its important to understand that this is linked to our changing climate. This has serious consequences for our planet, especially the hardiness of many plants which are increasingly being challenged

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Is our weather getting worse?

5. January 2013

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  2012 was the second wettest year on record in the UK and the wettest ever in England according to the Met Office. The downpours that caused more than 8,000 UK homes and businesses to suffer flooding led to a total of 1,330.7mm of rain for the year, just 6.6mm short of the wettest UK year recorded in 2000 (1337.3mm). […]

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Transition time in 2013

1. January 2013

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Happy 2013 to all my visitors and visitors to be! My first blog this year is about  transition and the power of change. Everyone experiences change at some point in their lives – it can expand and enhance our  hopes and ambitions. Change in our gardens is also a never ending cycle .It constantly brings […]

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Hurricane Sandy link to climate change

1. November 2012

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If you want to see the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy on American gardens then watch this video of a gigantic tree being flattened. The USA is  picking up the pieces after hurricane Sandy hit the East coast and caused widespread destruction earlier this week. One result of this devastating event might be a […]

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Extreme weather now normal

19. September 2012

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climate change and weather extremes are not about a distant future. Formerly one-off extreme weather episodes seem to be becoming the new normal. Weather extremes are not that extreme any more. Heatwaves, floods, droughts and wildfires are the new reality of an ever warming world.

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Obama to run green election campaign

9. May 2012

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In 2008 President Obama came to power with many ambitious plans to make America a much greener nation.  Michelle Obama supported this idea with practical examples of how American homes can be more sustainable by growing their own food. Many of President Obamas green ambitions have sadly been hijacked but it would be wonderful […]

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