Canna Lily

Thu, Apr 10, 2008


Canna Lily - Canna
Latin name:

Description: Their brilliant flowers and bold ornamental foliage are an essential part of any exotic garden, giving a very tropical feel. They are fast growing especially if well fed, where they can grow from 50cm to a staggering 2.5m depending on species and variety. Most Cannas available are hybrids with flowers up to 15cm across held at the tops of the erect stems. Leaf colours range from bright green to dark purple, while some are deliciously variegated.

Hardiness: Most Cannas will take several degrees of frost if well mulched and kept on the dry side in winter. If you live in a cold area with ground penetrating frosts, it is advisable to dig up and store the tubers in boxes of bark chips and stored in a frost free location until spring.

Height: 50cm to 2.

Position: Full sun to dappled shade

Soil: Any garden soil with added compost or manure

Water: Cannas do like water, so mulch well during the growing season to retain as much moisture as possible.

Usage: As part of a border or as feature plants, where they look best planted in drifts. Excellent container plants

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