Blue Yucca

Blue Yucca - Yucca rostrata
Latin name:
Yucca rostrata

Description: Yuccas are well known desert plants and there are many to choose from. One in particular – Yucca rostrata is very handsome indeed. It is a stout, single trunked yucca from the Chihuahua deserts of northern Mexico. From the trunk top, linier, powdery, greyish blue, stiff leaves from 25-60cm long are produced from the central crown, eventually forming a tight skirt of dead foliage around the trunk. Spikes of white bell-shaped flowers are up to 6cm long are borne on mature plants in mid-summer. A very imposing plant for creating a desert effect.

Hardiness: Hardy

Height: up to 4.5m in the wild though imported ones range from 60cm to 2m

Position: Full sun

Soil: sandy, well drained soils

Water: Drought tolerant

Usage: As a focal point or in small groups where they look superb greyish- blue foliage

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