Biochar soil enhancer for carbon storage

Would you be interested in using a soil enhancer that produces bigger and better plants whilst also helping to reduce your carbon foot-print?

Enriched Biochar can deliver both these results.

What is Biochar?

Biochar is a carbon rich form of charcoal, specifically designed as an application to soil offering long-term benefits, whilst improving plant health. Because of its moisture retaining qualities, Biochar is a very stable substance that is not broken down in soils.


Often called ‘the oldest new thing you’ve never heard of”, enriched Biochar originates from ancient Amazonian civilisations who made a primitive type of biochar and added it to their land to grow food in inhospitable soils. The result was a rich and fertile black earth – or ‘terra preta’ – with a high carbon content, which is still evident today.



Why use Enriched Biochar?

Over the past few years, gardeners have been dealing with the effects of extreme weather on a daily basis. Increasingly wetter gardens often caused by floods in the winter followed by longer periods of drought over longer, hotter summers are presenting new challenges. This in turn effects the quality of the plants and flowers we can grow and, most importantly, the long term content of our soils.


Why is it good for plants?

Enriched Biochar has a unique biological structure that enables it to speed up plant establishment and root growth, by increasing nutrient uptake, whilst also retaining moisture and expanding microbial populations. Enriched Biochar is proven to increase the health and resilience of trees, shrubs, flowers, fruit and veg. All this results in increased vitality and reduced loss of our beloved plants.


Managing Future Carbon

As a highly porous, high carbon form of charcoal, Biochar not only improves soil structure, enhances soil fertility and boosts soil health but most importantly assists with locking away atmospheric carbon dioxide for hundreds of years.

Enriched Biochar is a simple form of carbon sequestration. It is made from any waste woody biomass that has been charred at a low temperature with a restricted supply of oxygen, a process called pyrolysis. This process results in a stable form of carbon that is removed from the atmospheric carbon cycle when added as a soil amendment.

Carbon Gold estimate that if we increase by 4% (0.4%) a year the quantity of carbon in soils, we can halt the annual increase in C02 in the atmosphere, which is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect and climate change.

The carbon in biochar resists degradation and can hold carbon in soils for hundreds to thousands of years. Biochar is produced through pyrolysis or gasification — processes that heat biomass in the absence (or under reduction) of oxygen.

As well as creating a soil enhancer, sustainable biochar practices can produce oil and gas byproducts that can be used as fuel, providing clean, renewable energy. When the biochar is buried in the ground as a soil enhancer, the system can become “carbon negative.”

Biochar and bioenergy co-production can help combat global climate change by displacing fossil fuel use and by sequestering carbon in stable soil carbon pools. It may also reduce emissions of nitrous oxide.

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Recent trials  have shown to achieve this impressive list of results:

– Significantly enhance plant growth & root development – a doubling or even tripling of crop yield
– Boost plant nutrient retention.
– Improve soil structure and stability.
– Improve soil water holding capacity & permeability.
– Raise soil pH (i.e. reduces soil acidity).
– Retain nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil.
– Help healthy activity of soil microfauna & flora.
– Provide refuge for microrhizae, for healthy roots.
– Suppress odours & breaks down pollutants.


Fertilizer production is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emission from the UK farming industry. The use of biochar can restore soil fertility for thousands of years, significantly reducing the need for fertilisers and herbicides.
















The Carbon Gold Enriched Biochar range contains mycorrhizal fungi, seaweed and worm casts to increase trace minerals, and good bacteria to maximise nutrient uptake. It includes Soil Association approved GroChar composts, fertiliser and soil improver and scientifically endorsed tree care products.


These unique products have received endorsements from  well known garden designers who share their growing experiences of Enriched Biochar.

Watch these videos to find out more and buy your Enriched Biochar from Carbon Gold:


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