Autumn returns with a Halloween storm


The amazing sunny weather here on the South Coast over the past week has come to an abrupt end with the arrival of a severe weather front from the Atlantic. Its been raining most of the morning which is good for the garden as it was very dry. My bold orange canna defied the wet and bloomed yet again – still trying to find out the name of this variety if anyone can help?


Its still very mild for this time of year at around17c –  my bottle brush plant has also started flowering again and the fatsia is sending out fruitig shoots as well. I even noticed new leaves sprouting at the base of the banana plant I have been blogging about outside the Co-Op in the Meads. Must be very confusing  – just as these plants thought it was time to have a rest, they are being encouraged to send out new shoots and flowers by the mild weather.


November heralds autumnal return

Big changes in the weather are predicted over the weekend with a spell of heavy rain and strong winds, with gales or severe gales expected in some areas, in stark contrast to the recent spell of settled weather. Rainfall totals up to 60mm are possible in some places and winds could gust between 60 and 70mph.

This weather forecast from the Met Office should be good for filling the water butts which have been very empty for the past few months.If you don’t have a water butt, now would be a great time to get this organised .You can buy these literally anywhere – I recently saw one in a local charity shop – great that people are re-cycling them .

I know that I always talk  about using water wisely but its something I feel passionate about. Check out my blog on sourcing water butts at

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  1. Karen - An Artist's Garden Says:

    Your canna does indeed look amazing – my task for next year is to feed my canna so much that it flowers. 🙂

    Good advice about water butts – it seems we don’t need them here – but we have them anyway.