Climate Change in public gardens

Fri, Jul 1, 2016

Climate Change Gardening

Visit a great website to find out about how American public parks and gardens are adapting to climate change. With YOUtopia, you can learn about the impacts of climate change in gardens and the many things that are being done to help prevent or prepare for it.

Discover empowering personal and civic choices and practical actions you can take can take in your own life to be part of the solutions. YOUtopia is the first national program of its kind for public gardens that focuses on climate change solutions and engaging visitors.

Climate Gardens is exploring opportunities to create a similar experience for UK gardeners who are interested in the effects of climate change on their plants.

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I am not an experienced gardener - more of an enthusiastic amateur who learns by trial and error and is keen to "manage" the effects of the weather on my garden. Writing this blog is my passion and I hope that it will continue to grow, allowing global gardeners to communicate about the effects of climate change on our plants and the future of our gardens.

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