Amazing Agapanthus

Tue, Apr 7, 2009


I have just spent a happy day re-potting my favourite Mediterranean plants – Agapanthus.

I love these plants as they have wonderful large strap-like leaves from which enormous flower spikes emerge in a range of brilliant colours ranging from virgin white, peacock blue to a deep velevet mauve. With continual sunshine, Agapanthus can grow to a towering 5ft above their foliage. They open to flowers that can be at least 1ft across with each flower head made up of dozens of gorgeous individual blossoms.


Aganpanthus thrive in pots as they enjoy restricted growth and dryconditions. They hate wet and/or cold and should be over-wintered in a consistently mild place with little water. In early spring they can be re-potteed in well-drained soil and given tomato food to encourage the growth of those wonderful flowers. If you position agapanthus in a sunny position they will do well all summer, producing their impressive blooms during in late July and August. They absolutely thrive in drought and are very low maintenance – perfect for climate change gardening.


To find out more about agapanthus visit the national collection at Pine Cottage Plants –

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