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Sat, May 23, 2009



I am beginning to understand why allotments are in high demand. Have just spent a great couple of hours on my hands and knees weeding Steve’s veg beds in The Village.It was both relaxing and hard work  – I came away with aching limbs, a sore back but a real sense of satisfaction at having got my hands dirty in a good cause.

Every plot is now brimming with veg plants . I chatted to Brian who has been allotment gardening for years and certainly knows a trick or two. He is very proud of his radishes which look incredibly healthy and almost ready to eat – not bad, considering  he only planted them a few weeks ago . Definitely a crop for when I get my own veg patch  – quick to grow and low maintenance!


The Village is a really special place with so much to look at and enjoy. Many allotment holders have strategically placed benches and chairs so you can take time out to observe what is going on and admire nature at work


In between weeding, I sat and listened to the blackbirds singing and the buzzing of bumbles bees that were enjoying the many beautiful flowers growing amongst the veg. Managed to take this excellent shot of one character basking in a large red poppy – looks like he had a busy day!


Back again tomorrow to dig in the new seedlings and pray for rain as everywhere is extremely dry.

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