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Aeonium - Aeonium arboreum
Latin name:
Aeonium arboreum

Description: Stunning and always popular succulents grown for their flesh, geometrically patterned foliage. A. ‘Schwarzkopf’ is the most sort after, with dark maroon stems that become woody at the base and at the tips tight whorls of thick, purple-black leaves, shimmer in hot sun. If the tip is pinched out they become bushier and less leggy.

Hardiness: Unfortunately not hardy, though will take temperature down to just above freezing. Over winter plants dry and frost free, where they will mostly defoliate, though they will come back into growth in the spring when watered.

Height: 30cm to 1m

Position: Full sun essential for best growth and colour

Soil: Exceedingly well drained, fairly poor soil essential

Water: once established they have good drought resistance. Mulch with gravel to reatain moisture

Usage: Excellent in containers and more arid parts of the garden. They work well in containers where they also take drought well

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