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UK drought-flooding 2012 unprecedented

19. October 2012

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The dramatic switch from drought and hosepipe bans in England this spring to the wettest April to June ever and widespread flooding was of a magnitude never seen before. What does this mean for gardeners? New challenges ahead most certainly and the need to be ever more adaptable and forward thinking to prepare our gardens for such […]

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Hints of an Indian summer

18. October 2012

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Looks as though the UK might yet enjoy some warmer weather just before we put the clocks back an hour on Sunday October 28th and head into the shortest day on 21st December .Fingers crossed the weathermen get it right this time and we reach the heights of 20c the BBC are promising over the […]

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Climate change crops in Southern England

1. October 2012

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Climate change crops in Southern England

Predictions are in 50 years time that the countryside in parts of Southern England could resemble Tuscany or Provence, as the average mean temperature looks set to rise by 2c and average rainfall to Transformation is already in the air. Climate change crops are a reality in parts of South England: * KENT is […]

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