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Olympic stadium gardens enjoy sunshine

26. July 2012

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The Olympic Park is looking magnificent with the flowers in full bloom just as the Games begin. Britain basked in temperatures peaking at 31°C today as London witnessed the hottest day of 2012 to date , beating yesterdays high of 30c. After weeks of dismal weather, the heat wave comes as a welcome surprise […]

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Hottest day of 2012

24. July 2012

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It is officially the hottest day of the year so far after the mercury rose close to 30C (86F). A temperature of 29.7C (85.46F) was recorded in Charlwood, Surrey – close to Gatwick Airport – this afternoon. It beats the previous highest temperature of 29.3C (84.74) which was recorded in Achnagart, in the Highlands, on […]

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Olympic Torch at Kew Gardens

24. July 2012

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Kew Gardens is enoying the current heatwave and today received the Olympic torch en route through London. Kew celebrated this by creating the iconic Olympic rings using around 20,000 plants which can be appreciated by flight passengers arriving into the city ahead of the Games.

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Blackfriars Solar Bridge

20. July 2012

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The sun has at last arrived in the UK this summer  – just in time for the worlds largest solar bridge to shine into action on Blackfriars Bridge.  4,400 solar photovoltaic panelssolar panels will generate an estimated 900,000kWh of electricity every year, providing 50% of the station’s energy and reducing CO2 emissions by an estimated […]

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Jet stream changes course bringing UK warmer weather

18. July 2012


Looks like the end of this week will see warmer weather heading to the UK as the  jet stream is likely to change course finally ending the UK’s spell of utterly miserable weather. The UK is expected to experience drier and more normal weather patterns  next week after record summer rain fell over most […]

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Garden for the Games

14. July 2012

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Just 14 days till Danny Boyles Opening ceremony “A green and pleasant land” launches the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The weather may be very wet and windy in London but discover ideas for your own Olympic Garden at  

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Rain Gardens

8. July 2012

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A rain garden takes the rain from your roof and puts it to good use. Even a small terraced house gets 4000 gallons on each side of the roof. Rain gardens are nothing new, In the Mediterranean, sun-kissed gardeners have been building sinks to store rain water for hundreds of years. More recently, rain water […]

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Jet Stream Gardening

7. July 2012

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June weather was the wettest since 1910 for UK gardeners and the weathermen now say July is going to continue with the wet and wild them due to the jet stream still being positioned too far south. WHY IS THE JET STREAM SHIFTING SOUTH? Recent research published in Nature offers a possible explanation as to […]

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Rainwater harvesting

6. July 2012

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The average Briton now uses 150 litres of water every day. That’s almost double what we used in the 1960s. But only a third of households in UK currently have water meters. That makes us almost unique in Europe and some experts say it’ll have to change. Nicci Russell of environmental pressure group Waterwise thinks […]

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RHS watering advice

5. July 2012

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RHS have produced this short video as the final episode of their National Gardening Week  series. Rebecca Bevan signs off with the art of watering your plants – rather simple advice but hopefully useful once it stops raining !

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