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Wet weather brings surge in giant dandelions

30. April 2012

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Anyone noticed the enormous dandelions decorating many lawns and verges at the moment ? It seems they are the result of the very wet weather and road-side pollution. This is not all bad news as dandelions are rich in nectar which is important for bees and other insects as they come out of hibernation. […]

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Weather, climate and jet streams

29. April 2012

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Weather, climate and jet streams

What is going on with UK weather at the moment.The position of the jet stream is apparently responsibile for our very wet weather. Are these movements of  the jet stream and the resulting extreme weather one of the results of climate change? The difference between weather and climate is a measure of time. […]

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Wet weekend in UK

28. April 2012

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It has been raining all day – yet again. So far this month is the 9th wettest April for the UK in the records. Wonder where the month will end up in the records  – especially as very,very heavy rain is expected tomorrow. Some parts of the UK already having had more than double their monthly […]

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Drought gardening

25. April 2012

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Drought gardening in pictures provided by the Daily Telegraph is a great way to get inspired about summer planting – despite the very rainy days at the moment in the UK.

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RHS Drought-resistant gardening

24. April 2012

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The RHS know everything  about drought gardening: The Guardian also has some words of wisdom about saving water in your garden with a hosepipe ban.

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What drought?

22. April 2012

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Are you thinking the current hose pipe ban does not make sense with all the rain that has fallen in the UK over the past week? Read the BBC summary below to fully understand the long term implications of drought. According to the Environment Agency, droughts of 12- 18 months are going to become  more frequent […]

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Drought:fake grass replaces lawn

21. April 2012

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Fake grass  is proving more popular as gardeners despair of keeping their lawns green during the current hose-pipe ban. Experts suggest that in the future lawns will become a sign of ‘moral decadence’ as frequent droughts in the South East will make it unacceptable to use a huge amount of water for upkeep. As well […]

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Drought:how to adapt in the garden

20. April 2012

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It has rained every day for the past week here in the South East . Every time I look out of the window the water has been falling from the sky in buckets. Still, thoughts of the summer hose pipe ban are never far from mine and most gardeners minds at the moment with the […]

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Drought extends over UK

17. April 2012


Drought zones are official in a further 17 English counties, as a warning came that water shortages could last until Christmas 2012. The Environment Agency declared drought zones in the following additional English counties : Nottinghamshire Leicestershire Derbyshire Staffordshire West Midlands Warwickshire Shropshire Worcestershire Herefordshire Gloucestershire Cornwall Devon Dorset Somerset Bristol South Gloucestershire Parts of […]

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National Gardening Week 16 – 22nd April

16. April 2012

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This is a new initiative launched by the RHS to get the nation growing and celebrate everything about gardens and gardening. Gardening has to be the best remedy for coping with just about anything life throws at you .Such a great way to drift away from the economic turmoil, austerity measures and […]

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